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  1. How can I know if my African trait could be Cabo Verde l linked?
    I am supposedly 2nd generation of Cape Verdean emigrant.

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    • Hello Joseph have you taken the 23andme test? If so look at your ancestry report and see if the region called “Cabo Verde” is showing up under your West African %. You will see more details by clicking on “See all tested populations” or “scientific details”.
      These socalled “recent ancestor locations” are a newly added feature on 23andme. And even when not a perfect measure I find it’s very predictive indeed for indicating Cape Verdean lineage! The number of dots are reflecting match strenght with the Cape Verdean samples in 23andme’s database. I am half Cape Verdean but I received the maximum number of dots (5).

      Generally speaking the frequency of DNA matches with fellow Cape Verdeans as well as the actual shared amount of DNA will be most indicative. If you have tested with Ancestry as well you can check this most easily by seeing if you belong to their socalled “Portuguese Islander” migration. But also certain regional combinations on Ancestry can be said to be highly suggestive of Cape Verdean ancestry (predominant “Senegal” : >50% of the African breakdown as well as predominant Southwest European regions: “Iberian Peninsula” + “Europe South”). For more details see:



        • Hello Ali, if you’re referring to “Southeastern Bantu” this is a category specific to AncestryDNA. However it appears that 23andme will be FINALLY providing a detailed African breakdown as has been highly anticipated for 5 years already! Really glad to see the distinction being made between West African and Bantu DNA especially! But also the breakdown within West Africa looks promising. If you follow this link you can see the proposed update in full detail:


          Aside from “Congolese Bantu” also “Great Rift Valley Bantu” and “Sudan” are appearing as new categories!


  2. Hey, Felipe. I wanted to ask what are your thoughts of the 23andMe updated test and when do you think you’ll have a blog on it. I plan to order my test around Christmas, but how promising does it look? How does it seem to correlate with the old and new versions of AncestryDNA. Which regions seem to be prevalent among African Americans. I’ve taken AncestryDNA, but am rather disillusioned with the update except for the East Africa, which seems to show I do have Malagasay ancestry as I suspected.


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    • Hi Taylor, 23andme’s update does look quite promising from what I have seen sofar. I have not yet really delved into it though to be honest. I intend to blog about it in greater detail next year, as soon as I get updated myself.


      • Got you. I’m just seeing your comment. Sorry for the nuisance. I’m excited. Me and my dad are about to get ours. As soon as we do, I’ll be sharing my results which you’re free to use for greater insight. I suspect they’ll line up fairly close with the old Ancestry results and not with the new Ancestry ones where Cameroon Congo and Southern Bantu peoples and Benin Togo are each inflated. From what I see with 23andMe’s update, Nigeria is a lot of African American’s biggest region which is in line with historical plausibility. Coastal West African might be Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. Senegambian would be Senegal, Gambia, and Guinean. South East African would be East Africa and maybe Angola? I think Cameroon and some other countries fall under Broadly West African. Congolese would obv be Congo.

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        • Hi Taylor, no problem man! Great that you are taking the 23andme test, I would love to see how it lines up with your old Ancestry results! I will eventually blog about 23andme’s update but only when I have sufficient information to make a balanced assessment.

          Did you already read about this new beta feature they are providing? It may help you zoom into African matches (a few not all!). From what I have seen 23andme provides you with an overview of about 3-5 DNA matches linked to different parts of your admixture, incl. West Africa! But regrettably it also includes people who are only partially African. As it is based on self reported family tree details about the birth places of the grandparents of your DNA matches. If only one of those grandparents happens to have been born in Africa this match may already be singled out by 23andme. Even if you may be related to this match by way of their other grandparents… So a bit misleading and not yet a polished feature but still quite promising!



          • Wow that’s cool. My dad and I are ordering the test next week so I’ll definitely keep you abreast. Did your results ever update? By the way, I just want to thank you for all the work you put in for this site. In terms of finding out ancestry for African descended people, your site is the best resource on the web (hands down). Thanks for being always engaging, informative, and answering my many questions.

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            • Thanks a lot man for the appreciation! I love performing this kind of research. But knowing that it’s also meaningful for other people makes it all the more worthwhile!

              My own results have not updated yet btw. But from having seen other updated Cape Verdean results I can already say that 23andme’s “Senegambian & Guinean” category seems to be very predictive.

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  3. Hi Felipe!
    Have you gotten an update from 23and me yet?I checked to see if I had received an update to my percentages and lo and behold they were updated to a whopping 98.9% Senegambian out of the 99.1% total of African ethnicities that I was assigned. I am curious to know if you have any personal knowledge of anyone else’s Senegambian percentages being that high?
    Thank you!

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    • Hi Ameera, yes I have been updated last week. I was on V2 so I’m guessing the update has now finally been rolled out to everyone! I am actually preparing a blog post about it. As i will be conducting a survey of how this update has impacted the results of native Africans.

      Very high Senegambian score indeed! Where is your family from? I would love to see a screenshot or if you’re okay with it perhaps we can share profiles on 23andme?

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